Monday, November 23, 2009

There's a Blouse About the House!

It is finished! Here is my very first blouse!

Well, I'm not sure if its exactly a blouse, but the word just sounds so fancy! I followed the Amy Butler pattern for the Lotus Cami. There was an option to add sleeves which I had full intention of doing, but then liked it so much without them I just left them off! I also dropped the neck a little lower than on the pattern. I tried it with the higher neckline, but with my chest size it just looked wonky. I made it in a size x-small, which is the equivalent of a size 4, which is my normal clothing size. It fit perfectly everywhere, except around the bust. Its fine in the front, but those poor little back buttons that have to bear the brunt of the bosom! The cami version called for 7 buttons up the back, but I put 8 for just a bit more security. Making the buttonholes were a bear; I am just not a natural at making nice pretty buttonholes. I also added some clear nail-polish to the inside edges of the buttonholes to give them a little more stability and to help with the fraying of the cotton. I interfaced them, but they still frayed a lot. Once the polish dried and I snipped away some of the fray, it was loads better and more neat looking.

For the record, this is really hard to put on by myself!! But I managed so I could show you guys how it looked. It is a different look for me, usually I prefer blacks and reds, but this fabric was just calling to me, and it does really give it that nice lightweight spring look. Too bad the snow is about to fly so I'll only get to wear it with a thermal underneath!

Here's an up-close of the pattern on the fabric, since you can't really tell what it looks like in the picture:

Isn't it cute??!

So there were a few firsts in this project:
-first darts
-first "real" buttonholes
-first time following a pattern
-first blouse

All in all, it went well. It was a lot more time consuming than the skirts I made, but still enjoyable. The pattern instructions were pretty easy to follow, though I'll admit about halfway through I stopped looking at them and just went for what I thought should happen next. I did a few things a little differently, but no one would ever know except for me. This was also the first pattern I actually paid (almost) full price for. Luckily, I would make this again and there is a dress version and a tunic version included, both with zippers (I don't have to fuss with those buttons again!) so I can get a couple projects out of the pattern.

I am taking a little break from sewing this week, as it is thanksgiving break and I will be home with family and my boyfriend, so I am going to spend time with them rather than my sewing machine. I do plan on re-purposing a set of dining room chairs with the help of my mum while i'm home so I should have an update sometime this week. I hope everyone in the states has a good thanksgiving, and that everyone else has a happy week!


  1. I love the titles you give your blogs; they are so clever! Also, just wanted to reitirate that I love your blouse very much. She did a splendid job folks! :]

  2. awww thanks Julie!

    P.s. it's MARGARITA MONDAY!!

  3. So cute! I just made a couple button-back blouses and someone gave me this tip to get them on: leave some of the middle buttons buttoned and slip it on over your head. It's easier to do just the top and bottom buttons on your own once you have it on. Your blouse is very fitted so this method might not work. But give it a try!

  4. Gosh! It's super cute and the lower neck line is very flattering.

  5. I also like the lower neck line. While the other one looked quite modest, it was just too much fabric too high up. And I think this lower neckline is still tasteful!