Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Collection of Little Thoughts

I was pretty busy over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I don't have anything new to show you, but I will soon I promise! I just have some snip-its that I've been meaning to post. First off, my wonderful parents are getting me a dress form for Christmas! I had gotten a 50% coupon for Jo-Ann's in my email, which made the cost of a dress form a little more reasonable for a Christmas present, but the site and phone lines were jammed up all weekend! How frustrating! I eventually found the same dress form on the Target website... for half the price that it was on the Jo-Ann site and with free shipping... mind boggling, right? Its the singer 150 adjustable dress form with 12 dials in a shnazzy rad hue:

I can't wait to unwrap this beauty on Christmas morning! I have a feeling it will making my little sewing world an even better place :)

On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to have a little jump up onto my soap box. People, curves are back, and they are sexier than ever. The new Colette Patterns were revealed last Friday, and as I sat oogling them for the first time, I naturally showed each one to my boyfriend, who was less than interested but tried to act excited for me. When I did my rounds in the blogosphere yesterday and read Gertie's latest entry regarding a comment made by some fellow regarding the Colette models, my feathers were a little more than ruffled, to say the least! Apparently, these are HUGE women, and the clothes would look better on "skinny" models:

These women are a size 4/6 and an 8/10. I hardly think that women in these categorizes of size are huge. Immediately after reading Gertie's Blog about it, I called up my boyfriend to see what his thoughts were when he first looked at these pictures with me. I knew he would be honest, and I wanted to hear a true mans perspective. I must say that I was a bit surprised when he admitted that he too thought these women were "a little bigger" than usual. He said it very cautiously, as if I might explode into bits and start screeching at him, but I didn't. I just hmmed and hawwed and absorbed it. He said that he is just used to seeing models be super skinny, and that it is just part of our American culture to think that skinnier looks better and sells more. I can see what he is trying to say, but at the same time, I thought a curvier look was making a comeback. I must have been mistaken. I am a size 4, I have curves, I like it like that, and so does he. Right after reading Gertie's entry about this, an I love Lucy episode came on called "The Diet" in which Ricky will finally let Lucy be in his show if she can fit into a size 12 costume:

This is just the first part of the episode. If you want to see the rest you can find it on youtube, but she starves and steams her way to a measly size 12, performs with Ricky, and then is promptly diagnosed with malnutrition. Just a side note, the performance they give in the end of this episode was one they used to do together in a vaudeville act.

ok. Hopping down from my soap box.

Here are the fabulous chairs I found for 8 bucks at Goodwill! I purchased some awesome black and white retro geometric upholstery fabric and some 2 inch foam that I am going to re-purpose them with, and then I will probably paint them a bright red. I'm hoping I can get this done over Christmas break with the help of my dad's staple gun (and maybe my dad himself hehe). So here's the before, and I will soon post the after!

For now, I'm starting a different project. I have a final presentation in my Public Health class next week, and I want to make a cute, professional looking skirt to feel and look confident. I am going to use McCall's 5523 pattern and create view c:

I have had this gorgeous light-weight royal plum wool for a while, and I think it will be perfect for this skirt:
Well, I'm off to get started on my skirt and to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!


  1. i'm wondering if sizes have changed since then. none of those girls look like a size 12, they all look smaller!

  2. [sorry, i meant in the I Love Lucy episode]