Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Lover's Spat

I. Am. Frustrated. I had my fabric cut and pinned and was a few stitches in when I realized I forgot to change the thread from black to gray. So I threaded a new bobbin, threaded the needle, and was all set to go. Well the machine did not want me to go. I spent hours trying to get the needle to pick up the bobbin thread. HOURS! I figured that if I kept trying it would eventually catch, but it never did. I cleaned the bobbin casing, I changed the needle, I re-threaded everything, but to no avail. Sometimes it would bring up a loop, but then the thread would wrap around the bobbin casing and get all jammed up. So there will be no skirt this weekend :(

I really think this is the "almighty-one's" way of making me get all my homework done this weekend. Doesn't he know that I would have gotten to it, after I had a fabulous skirt made?

Has anyone else had this problem? I googled it, but can't really seem to find any solutions other than things i've tried.

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