Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Autumn!

It's my favorite time of year. Getting all cozied up under a pile of blankeys with a warm mug of citrus green tea and my new Fall shows couldn't get any dreamier. Well, except that there is a nagging pile of textbooks waiting for me in my bedroom. But that aside, Fall in Michigan is glorious. I loved UP Fall best of all, but Grand Rapids Fall isn't so bad either. I have already broke out my puffy vest and scarf, and can't wait for it to get chilly enough to wear my sock monkey hat that my parents got me for my birthday!

I have a chili pepper red peacoat with buttons down the back that this will complement nicely :)

Switching gears completely, I have something new and adorable to show you:

I've been meaning to make a purse out of this fabric for months, and bought this pattern, Vogue 7889, with such intention, but never got around to it. This pattern came with instructions for 4 different purses, and I had originally planned on view D, but changed my mind at the very last second and just impulse made view A instead. I love it! The outer shell is a Michael Miller fabric the inside shell is Heather Bailey. Here's what the inside looks like, it could almost be reversible:

It fits all of my things really nicely, with room to spare for when I need to throw in my headphones or a pepsi for the road. My last purse didn't have any pockets and was lined with black cotton, the same color as my phone, so I could never find it. This one little pocket is PERFECT for my phone, and is in a nice struggle free reach zone. The top also opens up nice and wide so I can easily scrounge around for what I need.

I highly recommend this style handbag for the fall. Something easy, quick to sew, and casual with spare room for mittens!