Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ruby Bliss

Just a little hair update, mostly for my mother :)

Within two washes, the fire red that was in my hair was almost completely gone and left in its wake a weird rust/orange/pink color. It was so strange looking... something had to be done. I was home for Valentine's Day this past weekend so I stopped in to see my stylist there, and he gave me a wonderful color called Sangria that would tide me over until I could get an appointment with him while I'm home for Spring Break. So Monday afternoon I applied the color, and a rather scary shower cap, and proceeded to wash the floors and vacuum the rugs for a good hour while the color settled in. I went to open the blinds and was fussing and yanking with the chord (all the while cursing with furrowed brows and the god awful shower cap on) only to realize that my neighbor was outside about 15 feet away from the window smoking a cigarette and staring at me like I was a creature from a strange (and highly unfashionable) planet. My housemate and I went to dinner later where I told her the story, of course acting out every bit of it, making big yanking motions and the whole bit, and talking about how scruffy our neighbor was, when her eyes suddenly darted behind me... and of course there he was, also eating dinner! I slowly turned around, horrified, and then my housemate and I burst into such uncontrollable laughter we had to leave! But at least he saw that I had beautiful hair ;)

So anywho, I have pretty ruby sangria hair now. This picture doesn't really do it justice, its still vivaciously red.

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  1. It looks so lovely! Very shiny and very chic. He is a good stylist.