Sunday, February 28, 2010

letting the leopard loose


It was my housemate's 22nd birthday this weekend (and we celebrated ALL weekend long, let me tell you!) and we went out for a night on the town! I never get to wear this lovely leopard wiggle dress, since it isn't so appropriate to wear to usual fancy dressed things such as weddings or funerals, so I was more than tickled to be able to wear it out! I went all out... the wooden tiki inspired earrings, the ruby beaded necklace, a bright red flower in my hair, my AWESOME shiny red patent handbag! This was the first time I got to use this handbag! It reminds me of the interior of some awesome bad ass retro convertible. I decided to just top it off with some simple black flats, since there was a night of dancing in store. I go for comfort when it comes to dancing. We didn't end up getting to dance downtown, but we had a dance party right in our living room that was just as peachy.

We went to TGIFriday's for dinner and I got a cosmo that was poured over a cotton candy fluff! It was called the pink punk cosmo!

I also got an absurd amount of broccoli that took up more space than my steak...


This weekend was also a good opportunity for some quality house mate bonding time that I rather enjoyed. Even though we all live under the same roof we rarely get to see each other let alone all hang out.


So Julie, I hope your Birthday weekend was a wonderful way to ring in 22!

P.S... I saved this dress from a goodwill pile! It belonged to my boyfriend's little sister. When she was moving to Chicago she weeded out a lot of her clothes and left them in a pile to bag and bring to goodwill. Luckily, I am a pile raider whenever his sisters get rid of clothes and squealed with unrelenting joy when I came across this gem! It fits me perfectly, too!

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  1. You look hot! Love the jewellery combo and bag combo. And that is a ridiculous amount of broccoli!!!!!!