Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bold Blouse

I present to you my version of the oh-so-popular Sencha Blouse! I made a hybrid of versions 1 and 3, using snaps with buttons sewn over them instead of buttonholes. It seemed more practical for me at the moment. And I can always change snaps to buttonholes, but not buttonholes to snaps. Here's the back:

All in all I think it turned out as I had envisioned it to. The keyhole necktie is my favorite bit. It looks so clean and finished, too!

I also did a catch stitch for the first time on the sleeves. The thread color was a bit challenging on this blouse because if I used a white thread it would be very obvious on the black, and black would stand out on white. So I chose the lesser of two evils and went with white. I tried to make my catch stitch as small as possible, but still substantial enough to hold everything in it's proper place. I think it's mission accomplished. Here you can't really see the stitch where the white is:

And here you can see it a bit where the black pattern is, but I think i'm the only one who will notice only because I know its there:

I'm going to wear it soon when I go run job applications out and about, so I'll snap some pics before I go!

P.S... this blouse is super slippery and doesn't like to stay tucked into a skirt. Does anyone have some tips on how to keep it in it's rightful place??


  1. Hi Kelsey, that is just gorgeous!! It looks so professional. To make my blouses stay tucked in, I tuck them into my tights or my undies. This smooths out the line of the tucked in blouse too. Good luck with your job applications!

  2. Very cute blouse! Great lines and details. And it has the vintage vibe that you like. Duct tape? Just kidding:)

  3. Hello Kelsey, this blouse is fantastic! I love the fabric you chose, it goes so well with the pattern :)

  4. Love your version of this top! It's so cute! This is blouse is in my queue, too... I can't wait to make it!