Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Itty Bitty Stash Committee

Since I am new to the world of sewing, I don't have much of a fabric stash, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to share what little I have!

I really like cotton prints because I can use them to make light and airy summer dresses, and I can wear a long sleeve top underneath them in the winter without a terrible amount of bulk. I am a big fan of a fun thermal shirt, tights, and a cute summer dress in the dead of winter, and I live in Michigan where we get a true winter, so I need a little print and color in my life when everything is white and brown.

I am most excited about this first one. My lovely boyfriend purchased it for me for Valentine's Day! I keep checking the mailbox feverishly, as I have the perfect pattern waiting so patiently for it. I feel like tomorrow will be the day it will arrive, which is perfect because I have decided to dedicate a good chunk of the day to sewing. It's called "Owl by myself" by Michael Miller. Goodness he has cute designs.

Okay, okay, so not much color to it, but those little owl eyes will just pop so brilliantly! The pattern is just sparse enough to be appropriate for a little summer dress.

The next one I found on a clearance table at a locally owned craft shop. It was love at first sight! I have been looking for a unique pattern to make a tiki dress, and all I could seem to find were things with palm trees or surf boards on them. These didn't suite me. This one has so many great elements to it!

Kris and I are planning a little trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota over our Spring Break to visit Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge, so I'm hoping to have this made up by then.

Also on the Clearance table was this amazingly soft mango print that just caught my eye. It has a vintagey feel to it, don't you think?

I went to Field's yesterday to pick up some notions and to browse at the new spring patterns, and this other Michael Miller number caught my eye. I saw it online a while ago and loved it, but never expected to find it in a store. I'm starting to brew some ideas for these little love birds.

This last print I have had since before I began sewing. In my bedroom at my parents there is a large window that looks into our breezeway that was added after the house was built. For insulation and decorative purposes, fabric is stretched across and pinned to foam insulation and then fitted into the window sill on the breezeway side, so the view from my room is a lovely decorative pane that I can change at a whim. This fabric was for one such whim, but clashed horribly with my wall color. I later chose this Alexander Henry one and it really adds a lot of charm to my room.

I have just a couple other apparel fabrics, but they aren't too exciting. I have a black and white speckled dress pant fabric and a silky light gold blend with black vines and leaves on it which will be used for the Sencha Blouse.

Hopefully I will have something exciting for you soon!


  1. FYI, that Mango print is Denyse Schmidt from her Katie Jump collection. I have a few pieces from that group.