Thursday, February 4, 2010

My hair is on fire!

Ok so, where do I begin...

I got a hair cut and color today. It has been a very long time since I have had either, so I thought it was time; my hair was beginning to look quite drab I found a cute little rockabilly retro hair salon called Moxie, which I didn't expect to find in Grand Rapids, but was very excited about! And my hairdresser was wonderful! She had lovely blonde Marilyn Monroe hair in short, luscious curls, cat-eye glasses, and colorful tattoos. She seemed very professional, too. I wanted an all-over color of a dark, vivid ruby red, something very different from my black/brown. I found the perfect shade in the color book and explained to Caroline what I wanted. She said that she didn't recommend doing what I wanted to do, because she would have to bleach my entire head, and that rather she would bleach and color red highlights throughout that would give a similar effect. I was a little deflated, but agreed. She foiled and bleached sections of my hair and I sat and processed for what seemed like an eternity (which it was, I was there for almost 6 hours!) and then she washed it and gave me a complimentary conditioning treatment, and then moved onto the ruby hue. She started to do some of the bleached spots with it, but I noticed her keep nervously opening the foils and staring at them... then finally she said what I'd been dreading... the color wasn't processing correctly. Apparently it was a brand new color that the salon had gotten an amazing deal on, so it must have gone bad or something. She said if worse came to worse that she would just use the FX red on me, but that it is crazy vibrant, and of course worse came to worse. I wanted like a rich ruby red, and I got firetruck red-orange. I also wanted it to look like an all-over color, and I have VERY distinctive chunks that I am really not fond of. It makes me look 5 years younger. After all these disappointments I still loved the salon and the stylist. She tried her hardest and really put a lot of time and effort into my hair, I just had a big order to fill and she had to get creative after the color I chose failed. She also gave me an AMAZING deal... I spent 6 hours in the chair with a bleach, red foil, conditioning treatment, and a cut, and she only charged me $60 total and gave me a coupon for 30% off any service for next time. I could tell she felt awful about the color malfunction and it was out of her control. I might just buy a boxed burgundy dye and try that on top of everything in my hair... I'm thinking it would "ruby up" the orangy-red and give a nice over-all dark red to the rest of my hair to make it look a little more uniform and cohesive. Has anyone had any experience with this? If I put more color on my hair will it all work out or will it fall out??

Here's the before:

And here's the after:


  1. Crazy ordeal! I think the new color looks great on you and it's so fun!

  2. Ah yes, I've had that happen before too - and a lovely incident when I was 15 and my aunties got me drunk and thought it would be fun to streak my hair with a home streaking kit. I woke up the next morning with two-tone hair - brown up top and blonde below!! Luckily they paid for me to go to the hairdressers.

    I think the red is gorgeous -- and the cut is superb - she did a wonderful job on your fringe.

  3. yes, she did do a wonderful cut, didn't she? I have had bangs for over a year now and she is the first person to actually cut them evenly and go dramatic enough with the V. Like I said, the color mishap wasn't really her fault and she was just trying to salvage some of my hair by not bleaching the whole thing. She was even 3 months pregnant and worked diligently on her feet for 6 hours, keeping enthusiastic throughout. So these ordeals happen occasionally, I don't blame her :)