Thursday, December 3, 2009

Professor Plum

On this very snowy evening, I have finished my "Professor Plum" skirt! I have had this wonderful plum wool-blend for a while now, but finally got to make use of it. The pattern used was McCall's 5523, view C. I left off one of the ruffly bits, added some buttons, and took up the hem a bit, but other than that no alterations were needed. I had taken this pattern out of the package and tried to make sense of the instructions about a month ago, as I was planning on this being my first project, but quickly got overwhelmed and put it away. I went back to it last night and the instructions and construction were easy peasy!

Here's the front:

And the back, with a little gathering and some cute buttons:

A close up of those cute little buttons:

And a SUPER close up :)

And a side view:

I call it the professor plum skirt, well, because it's plum, and because I made it to wear for a final presentation in my Public Health class that I wanted to look professional for (but still cute!). I think this mission was accomplished!

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